Sunday, July 29, 2012

Honk for Jesus: Part 2

Ok, so just to show that I'm not all talk, I wanted to showcase my Honk for Jesus shirt...  (I actually made it when I was still in Ft. Myers so over 2 months ago...Daytona is just keeping me a lot busier than Ft. Myers was so there's not as much downtime for blogging!)

The supplies:
Drifit shirt and iron on letters from Walmart:   (they're a little smaller than I wanted...oh well)

Ironing on:

And the finished product!!  :)
This is after using said shirt to do a very sweaty mountain biking ride at Spruce Creek Preserve near Port Orange, there were not any vehicles for me to actually try out my experiment on, but it works just fine in 105 heat index temperatures as it was today...