Saturday, April 27, 2013

I'm back...well, have been for a bit!

So as I've usually noticed with other people's blogs when they come away from a big trip, there's a lot of stuff to do, a lot of things to think about, when you're preparing to leave and then when you come home.  So often a lot of people wait for a while before they write a blog.  Apparently I'm in the same category...
I think that's because you have to process, and for being an introvert, I really hate processing...strange, huh?  Maybe it's because it means that you're really gone, even though you want to still be where ever it is you were...Guinea in my case...   There are so many things that I do as a force of 3.5 months of habit - turn off the shower water, try to run the faucet water a couple seconds if it's the middle of the night so the suction won't turn on and wake everyone up (oh wait, there's no suction in the faucets here...), say "Voila!" a lot (and that's not even one of the words we discovered on the rehab team that I say a lot...apparently so!)
So that being said, I'm not writing a lot right now...mainly because then I would be procrastinating from preparing for the presentation at church tomorrow, but I will this week hopefully!  
Job update - I will be working at a SNF in Farmville, VA from next Friday through July.  Then in July I'll spend a few weeks in the Marshall Islands as the PT there goes on vacation (super excited about that one - tiny Pacific island, prime snorkeling location, and the furthest west I've ever been!).